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Icebreakers for Large Groups (10 to 30 people)

Looking for fun group games for big crowds for your next event? We have handpicked the following large group activities and provided free step-by-step instructions to the ones that work great especially for groups of ten to thirty people; for example, these will work well for camps, corporate teambuilding events, church retreats or other large settings. Some of these involve good teamwork or fun competition in order to succeed! For big group sizes, it’s important to get everyone involved — but also to keep in mind people have different personalities and preferences, so not everyone has to get involved in the same exact way! For example, you could also have volunteers play on stage while others watch and cheer them on. We think you’re going to love these. Give them a shot!

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Browse our collection of instruction guides below. Click on the game name to see the detailed step-by-step for how to play!

Art Effects (Drawing) – A game that involves drawing.

Air Balloons (Active) – Try to keep your team’s balloon in the air longer than the others!

Animal Sounds (Active, Talking) – Find your matching animal based on animal sounds that you make with your voice!

Best Skills Showdown (Active) – A showcase of many mini-games!

Bigger and Better (Active, Teambuilding) – Keep trading items until you have something bigger and better than the others!

Blanket Game (Get-to-know-you) – A quick name recognition game!

Candy Introductions (Get-to-know-you) – Colored candies and introducing yourself.

Categories (or Similarities) (Get-to-know-you) – Find similarities among your team and be the fastest team to do so!

Collaborative Drawing (Party, Teambuilding) – A drawing game that has elements of the telephone game!

Crazy Job Interview (Talking) – Convince one another that you are the best for a hypothetical job!

Chariot Race (Active) – A hilarious energetic chariot race!

Connecting Stories (Get-to-know-you, Teambuilding) – Can you connect to previous stories to create a story chain?

Corporate Icebreakers for Online (Get-to-know-you) – Great activities to try when you’re online with your team.

Defend the Egg (Teambuilding) – Protect the fragile egg with some brilliant engineering!

Did You Know? Bingo (Get-to-know-you) – A twist on the classic bingo game, involving mingling and getting to know others.

Electric Current Game (Active, Teambuilding) – Squeeze hands to send electric current down the line.

Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors (Active) – A bigger twist on the classic rock paper scissors game.

Extremes: Where Do You Stand? (Get-to-know-you) – Stand along a continuum to visually depict where your opinion is on an issue!

Fabulous Flags (Get-to-know-you) – Draw your own flag to share with others what is important to you!

Fear in a Hat (Teambuilding) – Anonymously share your fears into a hat as handwritten notes.

Frozen T-Shirt Race (Active) – Funny activity involving frozen shirts and trying to unfold and wear them.

Giants, Wizards, Elves (Active) – A crazier twist on rock paper scissors!

Gone Fishin’ (Active) – A real life adaptation fo the board game.

Great Wind Blows (Get-to-know-you, Active) – A musical chairs type game that helps people get to know each other better.

Group Juggling (Active, Teambuilding) – Pass the ball as you learn each others’ names!

Hot and Cold Game (Party, Talking) – When someone is closer to a mystery action, cheer or boo to signal if they are getting close!

Hot Potato Camera (Party) – Selfie photos as a funny form of Russian roulette.

Human Rock Paper Scissors (Active) – Playing RPS with your entire body!

Icebreaker Questions (Get-to-know-you, Teambuilding) – Excellent questions to help you get to know each other more deeply.

Identity Circles (Get-to-know-you) – What are your most improtant values?

King Elephant (Active) – Act as animals in this silly game!

Korean Rhythm Game – Assa (Stationary, Party) – A rhythm pattern game involving call and response and hand motions.

Late Arrivals Game (Party, Talking) – Introduce people at a formal ball.

Lineup Game (Get-to-know-you) – Form a line quickly based on a non-obvious quality

Lost on a Deserted Island (Get-to-know-you, Teambuilding)

Magic Word (Party)

Marshmallow Toss (Active)

More Good Icebreaker Questions (Get-to-know-you, Teambuilding)

Name Aerobics (Get-to-know-you, Teambuilding, Active)

Never Have I Ever (Get-to-know-you)

Newspaper Towers (Teambuilding, Active)

Paper Airplanes/Name Planes (Get-to-know-you)

Paper Snowball Fight (Active)

Personal Trivia Baseball (Get-to-know-you) – A game that involves guessing increasingly difficult facts to play “baseball.”

Photo Scavenger Hunt (Active, Teambuilding) – Use your smartphones to complete a fun scavenger hunt!

Physical Party Games (Active)

Picture Whispers (Drawing)

Psychiatrist Game (Talking, Acting, Stationary)

React and Act Game (Active) – A reaction oriented game.

Sardines (Active) – A game that is basically hide and go seek, but in reverse!

Screaming Viking (Active, Party) – A silly game of hand motions and acting out wacky things.

Secret Santa Gift Exchange (Party) – An activity of guessing who is your secret gift partner.

Sequence (Teambuilding)

Shoe Pile Mingle (Get-to-know-you, Teambuilding)

Sticker Ninja (Party) – A game involving stealthy skills and affixing stickers.

Story Starters (Get-to-know-you)

Strange Disease Diagnosis Game (Party, Stationary, Talking)

String Game (Get-to-know-you) – Use string to help folks get to know each other better.

Superlative Game (Get-to-know-you) – Who is the biggest? best? fastest? tallest? Play the superlative game to find out!

Tall Tales Story Game (Storytelling)

Telephone Charades (Active) – A twist on the classic telephone charades game.

Trust Walk Teambuilding Activity (Active, Teambuilding) – Guide a blindfolded partner through obstacles to build trust!

Two Truths and a Lie (Get-to-know-you) – The classic game of getting to know each other better, guessing which statement is a lie.

Ultimate Ninja (Active) – An intense game to see who has the quickest ninja skills in slapping your opponents’ hands!

Unique and Shared (Get-to-know-you, Teambuilding)

What I Would Have Done (Get-to-know-you)

Who Am I? (Mingling) – A nice mixer activity to try to get people to guess who a person is.

Who Done It? (Get-to-know-you)

Wink Murder (Party) – A murderer “winks” to get someone out. Can you guess who they are?

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