Wink Murder

Wink Murder is a fun party game in a secret “killer” winks at people in the eye in order to get them eliminated.  Try to identify who the wink murderer is before he murders everyone!

Setup for Wink Murder

This game requires no special materials at all, making it a very convenient game to play.  It can be played both outdoors and indoors.  Also, no materials are required to be purchased.  The only step required is to get everyone together and to have them arranged in a circle.   This game works best when there are at least ten people, but no more than thirty, as the game may take too long.

Playing Wink Murder

Each round, you need a way to determine who is to be the “wink murderer.”  You can use a moderator who secretly picks a person while everyone’s eyes are closed, or you can deal each person a card from a deck of cards and pick a card like the Joker to represent who is the wink murderer for the round.

Once a wink murder has been selected and everyone is ready to play, the game begins.   Everyone stands up and wanders around the room, making conversation.  Each person must make eye contact with each other.  The wink murderer must try to wink at other people.

If a person receives a wink from the murderer, that person must “die” by falling to the ground dramatically (in a funny way, such as clutching one’s heart or gasping with loud noises).  He or she is allowed to wait a few seconds in order to make it harder to tell who the murderer is.  The dead person must leave the game and play resumes.  If a living person thinks that he or she knows who the murderer is, he or she can raise their hand and say “I accuse!”  Another person must “second” the accusation.  If there is a second, the accuser yells the name of the person they suspect is the murderer.   The accused must say “yes” (they are the murderer) or “no” (they are innocent).   If correct, the the murder has been successfully caught and the round is over (a win for the people).  If the accusation is incorrect, the accuser must leave the game as penalty.  Alternatively, the group may gain a “strike” for a wrong accusation, with the third strike being a loss for the people.  The game continues until the killer is identified or there is only one mingler left.

An optional rule for the game is that there is no talking.

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