Icebreakers by Category

We have icebreaker ideas for every category and need! Choose the one that best suits your purposes. Don’t forget to spread the word about us and share this website.

Active Games – these activities will get you to break a sweat! They usually involve high energy movements or intense actions. Calories will likely be burned and good memories will be created.

Classroom Games – these icebreakers and activities work great for teachers and students inside the classroom! Especially good for the beginning of the semester to break the ice.

Get-to-know-you Games – these icebreaker games help people get to know each other better, involving sharing and get to know you tasks.

Party Games – fun activities for your next party or shindig! Laughs guaranteed.

Rhythm Gamesgames that involve staying on rhythm or to the beat.

Talking Gamesgames involving lots of talking!

Team Building Activities – these activities help build teamwork and chemistry.

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