Icebreakers for Families

Family Icebreakers

Tired of video games for family game night? Need some good icebreakers for family time? Sometimes a good face-to-face activity can bring parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and siblings closer together through bonding or memorable experiences. Best of all, these group games are free, with absolutely no expensive equipment or technology required!

Icebreakers for Families and Family Gatherings

The following icebreakers are especially good if your family size is between three to six people. If your family gathering happens to be bigger, no sweat! You can usually play the same game as a larger group by subdividing into smaller groups or teams.

The following are various icebreakers for families organized by category. Click on a guide below for step by step instructions on how to play.

Drawing Oriented Games – These games involve some drawing and basic artistic aspects – a lot of fun even if folks don’t have the best art skills!

Get to Know Each Other Better / Sharing Games – These games can help people open up about their deeper thoughts and opinions, getting family members to know each other better!

Word/Guessing/Spelling Games – These games are about words, guessing or telling stories.

Fast Paced Games – These active games tend to be fast paced and involve quick reflexes or some other actions!

Trust Oriented Games – Try these games for building trust and camaraderie within your family.

Please share this page with your friends and family so they can also enjoy these activities! Have more excellent games that work well for family time (game night)? Let us know!

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