Naming Animals

Naming Animals is intended to be a simple game to memorize each other’s names. This game is best played in a medium to large group where enough people can participate to make it long. The point of the game is to match animals to the first letter in your name to help others memorize who you are.

What You Need To Play

What you will need to play Naming Animals:

  • Your Voice
  • A Quiet Area

How To Set Up The Game

To set up the game simply pick out a quiet area in your house or in town where everyone can hear each other.

How To Play Naming Animals

Start by gathering together in a circle and picking someone to start off. That person will then say the name they answer to and then an animal that starts with the first letter of their name. Afterward, the next person will do the same, but state the name of the person before them as well as their animal. As the game goes on each person must remember the animals and names of each person before them. If someone can’t correctly name both then they are out of the game.

If you need to make the game longer or this is for a younger group only use animal memorization instead of both name and animals.

Winning The Game

The best way to win the Naming Animals game is to pay attention to the other players. The more names you remember the better off you will be in the long run. Just pay attention and repeat the name and animals in your head as they are said.

Have fun!

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