Best Skills Showdown Game

Compete against other teams in a series of mini-games to see who has the ultimate collection of talent and weird skills!

This activity works best as a large or extra large group activity (15+ people), ages 8 and up.

Materials required:

We recommend that you bring any props desired for activities. For example:

  • Bandanas (or other blindfolding material)
  • Plastic cones (to mark boundaries in activities)
  • Balloons
  • Foam balls
  • Measuring tape

How to set up the game:

If any props require setup before they can be used, prepare them ahead of time. Prepare a list of mini-games for the game.  Otherwise, this game requires no setup.

How to play:

  1. Separate the large group into smaller teams of 4-6 people, depending on how large the group is.
  2. Announce the first activity that each team must participate in. After you have said what the activity is, ask for one member of each team to come and compete against the others. For example, if the first round is for “the highest jump” than you would tell each team what the game is and ask them to choose the member that they want to compete for this title.  Other activities can include: most push-ups, who has the longest middle name, who can throw an object the farthest, best dancer, most sit-ups, etc.  Be creative and come up with a nice variety of quick games!
  3. When one member from each team comes forward to compete, you can proceed with the game that round until the winner is found. For “the highest jump” you would have each player jump three times and judge who jumped the highest of all the players.
  4. Proceed to the next activity round with a new set of players from each team. Ask for new volunteers and compete as usual until all the activities you had planned are finished.

Inclusion tip: Do not let the same person compete in 2 rounds back-to-back. Instead, make it a rule that they can only compete in every other round at most. Each person in the team must compete in at least 1 round for the team to be able to win the game.

Winning the game:

Each time a player wins an activity round they will get one point for their team for winning that title (Example: highest jump). At the end of the game the team with the most titles is the winning team. You can have the team perform all their title actions at the end as a fun way to conclude the game. No team is able to win the game unless every single member on the team competed in at least 1 activity round.

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