Shoe Pile Mingle Game

A great way to break the ice is the Shoe Pile Meet-and-Greet Mingle Game.  This icebreaker game is especially useful for corporations and training situations where you want to break the ice and build up team chemistry.

Setup for Shoe Pile Mingle

Ask everyone to take off one of their shoes (only one of their shoes).  Have everyone throw their shoe into a big pile in the center of the room.

Playing Shoe Pile Mingle Game

Explain the rules of the game.  Once everyone takes off one shoe and throws it into a big shoe pile, have everyone randomly grab a shoe. The goal is to mingle and go around the room, introducing yourself and talking to many people and trying to find the person whose shoe you are holding.

Warning! This game may be a bit smelly.  But that’s okay — all in the name of teambuilding and breaking the ice, right?

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