Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Who is your Secret Santa? The Secret Santa Gift Exchange is a fun party game that involves buying a gift for somebody — and that person has no idea who!  It’s ideal for the holidays, especially during Christmas time.

Setup for the Secret Santa Gift Exchange

One person needs to be the Secret Santa coordinator.  This person needs to generate a list of all the participants for this activity.  He or she will then randomize who is assigned to whom.  Make sure no one is assigned to themselves.  Once everyone is assigned their Secret Santa, the coordinator tells everyone who they have been assigned.

Playing Secret Santa Gift Exchange

The coordinator emails everyone with the rules and explains to everyone the time limit to buy presents.  Two or three weeks is a good amount of time.  Each person must buy a gift and secretly deliver it to their assigned person.  To deliver the gift, you can give it to a third party or find another clever way to drop off the gift.

Alternatively, you can also be a secret santa over a longer duration of time.  For example, you can be a Secret Santa for an entire month and give secret little gifts for a long time.

It is up to you if you want to reveal your Secret Santa identity!  It’s not required although it might be more fun to eventually have your identities revealed.

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