Sticker Ninja

What is Sticker Ninja?  Well, it’s a game that requires stealth, agility, deception and the use of a hidden weapon to stick your opponents. Sticker Stalker makes for a nice, casual side-game at walk-around events where all guests are standing up and moving from group to group. Play it with any number of players — even as few as two, for a slightly absurd but intense competition. Stick another couple of tens of players in and that works well, too.


  • You will need to purchase a set of sticker sheets — ten stickers per sheet is a quantity that works well.
  • As guests enter the event, give them each a sheet of stickers.  For “Pro” Sticker Ninja, give each player a different color or design of sticker, so you can verify a win (useful if there is a prize at stake). Regardless, some variety in the sticker stock will make this a more colorful game. Extra laughs if the stickers are absurd or childish; extra difficulty if they are large.  Explain the rules to everyone present before fidgety guests start sticking stickers on your TV set and pets.


Players must stick their stickers on other guests at the party.   Each of one player’s sticker must go onto a different guest, though oblivious guests might find themselves with a back full of stickers from several other players. If a player is “caught in the act”, by the guest they are targeting, that guest can remove the sticker and give it back to the player. However, if a guest doesn’t notice a sticker being placed on them immediately, they have to leave it — no removing stickers until the end of the night!

The first player to get all of their stickers stuck to other guests can announce they they have won. That’s it! As mentioned, if you want to check that a winner hasn’t disposed of their stickers, you can ask that player to call all of their supposed victims to the centre of the party to be examined and shamed!

You will never have had as many friendly “slaps-on-the-back” as you will at the start of this party, but if targets aren’t fooled by this tactic players will find more creative ways to prevail. A sticker on the back of the shoe, where the guest won’t feel the pressure of your fingers, is one possibility.

If you managed to get a sticker onto the front of somebody’s belt buckle without them noticing, well, I think you should give yourself a pat on the back — though, if you don’t, I’m sure everyone else will be happy to “pat your back” for you!

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