Fun Physical Party Games

Here are three games that have you and your friends using your bodies in unusual ways.

Pass The Orange

An orange, or a tennis ball, or a plastic bottle: grab one, and put it under your chin. Hold it there using your chin and neck, trapping it near your collarbone. Take your hand away. From now on, nobody in the room may touch the object with their hands until the game is won or lost.

The group wins when everyone in the room has had possession of the “orange,” which means having it held under their chin, and it is then passed back to the starting player. The transfer must be made directly from neck to neck. You all lose if the orange is dropped, or anyone touches the orange with any other part of their body.

This game gives your upper body a workout doing something it wasn’t exactly designed for. Everyone will be twisting and turning and rubbing cheeks in this fruity relay race. “Orange” you having a great time!

Bend A Friend

In Pass The Orange, you try and keep an orange from falling on the floor. In Bend A Friend, you are trying to keep yourself from falling on the floor — and this isn’t even a drinking game.

To play, you will need an empty cereal box, and some scissors. Cut the flaps off from the box, and place it in a clear area, ideally one with a soft carpet.

Each player can step up to the mark to attempt the challenge. They must pick up the cereal box with only their teeth. No part of their body except their feet may touch the ground, or be used for support. Your less flexible friends might quickly find themselves in trouble. Falling to the ground, or dishonorably giving up, means they are eliminated from the game.

When everyone has had their attempt, those that succeeded proceed to the next round, which is the same as before but with an inch cut from the top of the cereal box. Continue with increasingly difficult rounds in the this way until everyone is eliminated. Those that picked up the smallest box are the winners. Those that fell over will be in good company, as everyone else will be rolling on the floor laughing.

Suck and Blow

From mouth to box, to mouth to mouth. This game requires a playing card.

Put the card to your lips, and suck in air through your mouth. A mixture of the moisture on your lips and the suction of your breath should just, barely, keep the card in place there.

Your challenge is now to pass this card to the next player. Of course they must only use the suction from their mouth to take the card. The person giving the card should blow a little to release the card. The confusion that results of somebody sucking when they should be blowing, or blowing too early, or blowing or sucking too much or too little, is part of what makes this game a laugh. And the innuendos, of course.

Keep passing the card around in a circle until it is dropped, which eliminates the guilty player from the game. Everyone else continues, though they may be a little out of breath.

When two players successfully make an exchange everyone else can helpfully tell the new card-holder: “You suck!”


Each of these can be played as drinking or forfeit games, where the person who drops the orange/touches the floor/releases the card must drink or take the forfeit.

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