Corporate Icebreakers (Online)

Here is a collection of corporate icebreakers for work, especially for online settings. We’ve collected activities that can work great in person — and also a few that work especially well online for Zoom meetings (or Skype, WebEx, Microsoft Teams or your video conferencing program of choice) as well. You can use the text chat feature or have people play online during the video call.

Two Truths and a Dream Wish – Similar to the Two Truths and a Lie classic icebreaker, this game asks players to state three sentences about themselves; but one is a wish that has not yet come true.

Book Covers – Ask each person to come up with a phrase for a book title, perhaps their auto-biography. This can reveal something about a person and how they summarize their life.

Unique Virtual Backgrounds that Tell a Story (Online Icebreaker) – Have each person search for a photo or image (or to find one using Google Images) that showcases a hobby, passion or something interesting about themselves. Have each person change their virtual background. Take turns and have each person share their image.

Favorite Places (Online Icebreaker) – Have each person use Google Images to find a photo of a foreign city or favorite vacation spot. Each person changes their background to that photo. Each person introduces their name and then all players take turns trying to guess that location. Use the chat window to see who can be the first to correctly guess the city or town. Award one point to each time someone guesses correctly.

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