iSpy Wedding Hunt

iSpy Wedding Hunt is a combination between the typical iSpy game combined with a scavenger hunt that can be played at a wedding. This game is ideal for a wedding since it incorporates large amounts of players. Each of the players photos can be given to the bride and groom at the end, so they have unique photos and angles of their special day.

Guests are provided with a checklist of items and different types of photos to take. They will carry this list around the wedding reception and hunt for the perfect pictures. Participants use their cell phone cameras or provided disposable cameras at a wedding to capture the items on the list.

iSpy Wedding Hunt Set-Up

Create a printable checklist before the wedding reception assigning the different tasks and place on each table.

Organize how you will group people based on the amount of participating guests.

The checklist can include:

Someone holding hands, twirling on the dance floor, different generations together, a new friend you met at the wedding, the bride laughing, your favorite guest’s outfit, something old, something new, something blue, something sparkly, a piece of cake, a selfie with the newlyweds.

  • Cameras can be assigned individually or within partners.
  • Create teams for the hunt.

Materials Needed

You will need the following items to play the iSpy Wedding Hunt:

  • iSpy Wedding Hunt checklist
  • Writing utensils
  • Disposable camera/cell phone

How to Play iSpy Wedding Hunt

  1. Divide the guests accordingly—as individuals, into pairs or groups. Also, determine who will be judging.
  2. Pass out a pen, checklist, and disposable camera—if necessary—or take out your cell phone.
  3. Read over the created checklist.
  4. Take 20-30 minutes during the reception to find the items or have the hunt be continuous throughout the reception.
  5. Take pictures of each item to bring to the judges at the end of the game.
  6. Have a small prize for the winners such as an extra party favor.


  • The checklist can be customized to the themes, colors, guests, and any other aspect of the wedding. You can have your guests finding specific objects such as a champagne glass or have them find actions and special moments to capture like the father-daughter dance.
  • The teams can be organized in pairs or larger groups.
  • At a smaller wedding, individuals can each have their own cameras and play on their own.
  • The allotted time can be shortened to 20-30 minutes or last the entirety of the reception to include photos from the whole event.

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