Ultimate Ninja Game

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Ultimate Ninja is one of the fastest, most hilarious party games out there.  The primary goal to be the quickest ninja warrior by hitting another player’s hand — while dodging other player’s ninja attacks!  This activity works best with about ten people in a group.  If you have a very large group, subdivide into groups of ten.  Ensure you have plenty of space to play this game.

Materials required:  None — just a large enough space to play!

Setup for Ultimate Ninja

Have all players stand in a circle, facing each other, in the middle of a room.   To begin, have everyone say together, “Ultimate Ninja!”  And then everyone can freeze in a ninja pose.  At the beginning of the game, everyone must remember their turn order.  Turns go clockwise; thus a person should remember who was before and after them.

Playing the Game

The goal of the Ultimate Ninja game is to be the last ninja standing.  To stay in the game, you must not let anyone hit your hand.  If someone hits your hand, you are “out” and must leave the game.  Each player takes turns.  On a player’s turn, he or she is allowed one motion: one smooth motion to attack another player, or one smooth motion to move somewhere (to jump or take a large step in any direction).

Attacking another player

When you attack another player, you try to hit their hand with one smooth motion.  When you attack, another player is allowed one smooth motion to try to dodge your attack, even if it is not their turn.  That is, he or she can react by moving their arm or hand away; however, he or she must hold this new pose.  If you have a successful attack (i.e., if you hit their hand successfully), that person must leave the game.

As soon as a player takes his or her turn, the next person in order may immediately take their turn.  He or she does not have to wait.

The last person remaining wins.  Have fun — may the best ninja survive!

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