Personal Artifact Game

The Personal Artifact Game is the perfect icebreaker for those who want to stay away from the usual “who, what, where” questions that are typically asked in these sorts of activities. It requires participants to dig a little deeper than just their favorite color and bring something personal to the table!  Players are more likely to remember each other’s names from the stories behind each artifact. It encourages players to get to know each other personally and also provides future topics to discuss. Whether it’s the first day of class, camp, or on the job, the personal artifact icebreaker is sure to get discussions flowing and give each player a memorable moment associated with them.


  • Note that this game requires people to plan a little bit in advance — ask each player to bring in a personal artifact from home.
  • A personal artifact can be anything that is special or who represents the individual. For example, players can bring in a stuffed teddy bear from childhood, an x-ray of a broken bone, a picture, or a locket.
  • Pair up with partners or set up seating into a half circle.

How to Play the Personal Artifact Game

  1. Assign each a number or go alphabetically to select the order.
  2. If using a half circle, then have each person stand in front of the group. If using partners, then pair up people.
  3. Going one at a time, each person will briefly present their personal artifact to the group, including what it is and why they chose it.
  4. Depending on the amount of time, the audience can ask 2-3 questions about the artifact.


  • Instead of having the player bring in a personal object, they can use anything they have on them. Players can pull something out of their purse, wallet, or even use their current clothing and tell about its origin.
  • Players can pass around their artifacts if they feel comfortable.
  • To make the game more interesting, you can take the items and mix them up on a table, then have players guess who each of the items belongs to and explain why.

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