Sparkle Game

Sparkle is a great group game that can be done as a warm up to get the brain thinking. Traditionally, it is played as a spelling game, but you can also do it with math problems, a memory verse, or focus on a specific subject instead. It’s a fun way to study previously learned or new information. The game is fast paced — with players constantly listening and ready to speak at any moment!

Sparkle Set-Up

This game is ideal for medium to extra large groups of people, and there is not a limit on the number of players.  It can be played in both indoor and outdoor settings.  The setup is fairly easy:

  • Create a circle or line standing up.
  • Assign one person to provide the words throughout the game.
  • That person can either create a pre-made list of words or think of the words during the game.

How to Play the Sparkle Game

  1. Explain a memory verse, name a word, or a math problem—depending on which type of game selected.
  2. Arrange everyone in a circle or line, standing up, and facing the same direction.
  3. Choose one person to start the spelling.  For example, if the word is ‘LEADERSHIP’, the first player would say the letter ‘L,’ the second player would say ‘E,’ the third player would say ‘A,’ and this pattern would continue until the word ‘LEADERSHIP’ is fully spelled.
  4. After the word has been spelled, the next person must say ‘Sparkle.’
  5. The player next to the person who said Sparkle must sit down.
  6. If at any point in the game someone says the wrong letter, then they must sit down. The person next to them will continue the spelling.
  7. If you are sitting, then that means you are out of the game.
  8. After a word is finished, a new one will be selected to spell.
  9. This pattern continues–spelling and sitting– until one person is left standing, who is the winner!


  • Instead of spelling words, players can use math problems or memory verses.
  • For a memory verse or song, teach the material first, and then assign different stanzas that players will have to memorize.

For a song example,

1. ‘Twinkle twinkle little star”
2. “How I wonder where you are”

Each player would sing one stanza until the song is complete.

  • Follow a theme when selecting words — for example, leadership, accountability, marketing, brand, and feedback. All of these words relate to the topic of business.
  • In a classroom setting, Sparkle can be played for students to memorize new vocabulary words in any subject.  For example, if students are studying history, Sparkle can be combined with quiz questions, such as:
    • Who was the first president of the United States?
    • The students would have to know whom the president was and how to spell his name.
    • G, E, O, R, G, E   W, A, S, H, I, N, G, T, O, N

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