Quick Questions

This simple game involves creativity, silliness and the ability to get to know one another’s way of thinking!

What will you need?

Pen and paper for each player, and a timer

How to play Quick Questions

1. Have each player write down three “would you rather” questions that involve no physical activity or movement – just creative imagination. For example: Would you rather fly a dragon or talk to a unicorn? Would you rather live in an underwater castle or on top of a mountain? Would you rather be a bear that no one wants to be around, or a popular spider?

2. Gather players in a circle and give each player one minute to answer the questions they wrote down. 

3. After everyone has shared their answers, have players take turns asking others in the circle their “would you rather” questions. The person who is being asked the question must answer before they can ask someone else’s question. You may also pass.

4. Once all players have gone around with their questions, set the timer for two minutes. During this time, any pair of players can ask and answer as many “would you rather” questions as possible within the time limit! 

5. At the end of two minutes, whoever answered the most “would you rather” questions wins!

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