Magic Word Game

Collect the most party favors from other people when they say your designated magic word – but be careful and make sure you don’t say the word yourself!

Recommended ages:

This activity is best for players who are ages 14 and up.

Recommended number of people:

Good for large groups of 12+ people.

Materials required:

For this game you will need various party favors for each person (or you can also use candy) as well as a list of “magic words.”  Words should be relatively commonly used to make the game more interesting. Words might include: “dog,” “cat,” “man,” “eat,” “boy,” “water,” etc.  For this game, good party favor items might include items like:

  • Bead necklaces, Hawaiian leis, or plastic sunglasses

How to set up the game:

Prepare your party favors/candy and list of magic words to be distributed upon the arrival of guests.

How to play:

  1. As each person arrives, gives them a party favor and tell them what their magic word is. Make sure to instruct them not to use the word themselves. If everyone is already together, you can have people come up one by one to receive their party favor and magic word instead.
  2. Each person will go about the activities normally. If a player hears someone else use the magic word that was given to them, they may take the party favor of the other person. For example: If person #1 has the magic word “dog” and person #2 starts to talk about their pet dog, person #1 is allowed to take the party favor from person #2.
  3. Allow the game to continue throughout the entire party/event or else cut it off at a certain point in time. Whichever you choose, be sure to inform the participants about the choice so they will know when it stop playing the game. At the end of the game, count the number of party favors each player holds to determine the winner.Tip: You can penalize players who say their own magic word by making them give up one of their party favors to another player.

Winning the game:

The winner of the game is the one with the most party favors or candy by the time the game stops. Players can collect party favors from anyone involved in the game, even if they have already lost their own party favor, making this a fun way to battle to become the last man or woman standing. You can give away a small reward or prize if you choose to the winner of the game.  Have fun!

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